如果经常使用 safari 会发现一些不友好的地方,比如每个标签页旁边的关闭按钮,不小心就会点到,而又不能打开刚关闭的标签;不能随时把窗口最大化(不是全屏);标签旁边没有所访问网站的 favicon;进阶点不支持鼠标手势等等。虽然换 firefox 一些问题就可以得到解决,不过 firefox 作为浏览器始终容易变得臃肿(特别在同时开许多标签页、装许多扩展的情况下),更适合当开发工具。
还好,safari 的这些小问题是可以解决的。



How to support gesture in safari

There is one useful plugin in firefox called 'all in one gesture', and I use the backward or forward gesture most of the time while surfing online. Unfortunately safari doesn't support this kind of plugins. These days I happen to find a quicksilver plugin--abracadabra, which let you do anything quicksilver can do with mouse gesture.
If you have installed abracadabra in quicksilver, simply drag these two link(back , forward) to your safari's bookmark bar. Then create the new gesture triggers in quicksilver and locate to safari>bookmarkBar>back(or forward). Now you can custom a gesture which you want the back or forward action to take effect. This is handy and make your safari more friendly.

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